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Most websites include SSL protection because it’s so helpful for SEO and it protects all the data flowing to and from the site. Also, most of the best website builders and web hosting providers offer free SSLs. If you don’t already know which SSL certificate you need, keep reading for an easy explanation.

  • Powered by DigiCert, GeoTrust offers a wide range of SSL certificates including EV, DV, and OV SSL certificates along with an automated domain name validation with each one of them.
  • If you have 25 employees or fewer, you can be both the technical and authorization contact for your company.
  • Practice shows paid SSL works, especially if you get a stronger validation level.
  • Bonus tip—Never trust an SSL provider with an unsecure website.
  • For the complete list of certificates and their pricing offered by DigiCert, click hereOpens a new window.
  • Business – for small businesses operating online – $200 per month.

Trust site seal – Providing a recognizable seal that the public can see is an easy way to let your customers know that a site is secure and that their information is safe. Having inherent trust where identity is concerned is necessary, but having the right level of certification for the business is also very important. In addition to authority and verification, the SSL certificate also includes a means to encrypt traffic between the user’s computer and the website. We check this during our tests of the best SSL certificates on the market.

True BusinessID with Multi-Domain Wildcard

You will also need to ensure that you get the best offer from the deal you choose at the best price. But you must be extra careful so that you don’t purchase an SSL certificate without any research. Basic SSL is yet another Certificate Authority that offers a free SSL certificate valid for 90 days.

What is the best SSL certificate provider?

  • Comodo: Best Overall SSL Certificate Service.
  • SSL.com: Best for Fast Turnaround Times.
  • DigiCert: Best Customer Support.
  • Sectigo: Best for E-Commerce Business.
  • AlphaSSL: Best for Single-Site Value.
  • Entrust: Best for Multiple Websites.
  • GlobalSign: Best for Growing Companies.

Entrust offers a multi-domain EV certificate, but no single domain one. This is odd, but the multi-domain certificate starts at two domains and is fairly inexpensive. You can go with it right away if you need the highest level of validation. SecureTrust offers no single domain SSL, but its multi-domain certificates more than make up for it. If you have several domains on your hands, you can take advantage of some of the best deals in the industry. Network Solutions is another nicely priced SSL provider that starts off with a single-domain certificate at $54.99 per year.

On the flip side, the knowledge base is rather extensive and easy to navigate. You’ll find a bunch of resources on certificate lifecycle management, as well as how to install them on various servers and control panels. In general, validation takes a bit longer than if you were going directly to Sectigo since NameCheap is an intermediate certificate authority. You can also get the so-called PremiumSSL and InstantSSL Pro certificates. These are standard OV SSL, but they have a higher liability warranty, which gives some peace of mind. You can use NameCheap’s SSL price comparison tool to help you pick the most suitable one.

Get full protection for any domain, website and backend system in under 5 minutes by using ZeroSSL, the easiest way to issue free SSL certificates. An SSL https://bitcoin-mining.biz/ certificate doesn’t just encrypt the communication between a server and a client. It also acts as a guarantee that traffic isn’t altered or rerouted.

Comodo SSL certificate has been around for a while, and it is globally recognized as one of the best cheap SSL certificates provider. Suitable for all kinds of businesses, including home-based and commercial settings, Comodo is trusted by millions of companies across the globe. With a 256-bit encryption, the certificate is recognized by all browsers.

Digital certificates aren’t just for public websites and online applications that users access over the Internet. In a zero-trust approach to cybersecurity, you should assume that attackers are working from within your network. Therefore, a certificate should protect any internal application or site that hosts sensitive information to encrypt traffic. It is also a misconception that you don’t need certificates to protect critical network infrastructure. For instance, you may have a firewall or network appliance that internal IT staff connects to internally using a private IP address, such as the example in the screenshot below.

EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

To attain a certificate that is recognized across all platforms, you need to purchase it from a recognized Certificate Authority . Organizations that send a Certificate Signing Request must first validate their identity before the certificate is issued. Prices vary on the type of certificate purchased, and what CA you are working with. SSL Certificates play an essential role in a digitally connected world.

ssl certificates providers

For multi-domain subscriptions, you can expect to pay between $150-$600 per year. The cost depends on the number of domains for which you need SSL verification. For a wildcard subscription, you can expect to pay between $300-$800 per year. Most vendors offer discounted rates for multi-year subscription packages. The majority of SSL certificate providers offer the same basic functionality.

Do you want to make your WordPress/WooCommerce site lightning fast?

Indeed, practically every certificate has the same encryption protocol. Some providers offer stronger encryption technology, but a standard 2048-bit private key is essentially impossible to crack, so there’s little reason for this. NameCheap is one of the dealing hosting providers and domain registrars, while also being a cheap SSL reseller of Sectigo certificates. If you want to get hosting and all related services in one place, NameCheap is the place to do it. Organizational validation requires the certificate issuer to check the existence of your business against trusted databases like Dun and Bradstreet.

ssl certificates providers

AlphaSSL is a low-end certificate provider managed by the team that created RapidSSL. Unlike the latter, AlphaSSL works under GlobalSign, which is a high-end provider for enterprise-grade businesses. GoGetSSL is one of the cheapest SSL providers/resellers you can find. You can choose certificates by a variety of providers, including GoGetSSL itself, get validated within minutes, and take advantage of a solid support team. GoGetSSL has ticketing, live chat , and phone support reachable through a Latvian phone number.

EnterpriseSSL Pro Certificate

Fortunately, Thawte also runs a separate support system from the parent company, so you can avoid suffering through DigiCert’s bugginess. It’s a great choice if you run a large organization with high demands, although a bit overkill for most private users. You also get unlimited server licenses and unlimited certificate reissues across the board. GlobalSign also throws in an SSL checker, phishing detection, daily malware scanning, and a trust seal. This lets you secure two domains at once without paying for the more expensive multi-domain certificate.

What are the best SSL certificate providers?

Some popular SSL certificate providers include: Entrust DatacardGoDaddyGlobalSignThawteSSL.com

If you’re looking to secure just one website, we have a whole host of reasonably priced options available. There are low cost standard DV certificates that offer basic encryption and only authenticate your domain. Or you can spring for a higher-value OV or EV TLS certificate, which offer business-level authentication for additional trust benefits. A website with EV SSL shows customers that they are dealing with the correct website and their information will remain secret on the website. EV SSL certificate follows a lengthy verification process hence, it takes up to 5 days in the issuance process.

Domain Validated (DV) Certificates

The company employs some of the best experts in the business, so you can get proper assistance when you need it. The Sectigo team will look up most of the information, so you might not even have to deliver additional documents. The whole process should take about 24 hours once Sectigo receives your documents. Everything goes much faster if details about your business are available online.

How do I choose an SSL provider?

  1. Ubiquity, Longevity and History.
  2. The Platform.
  3. Easy to do Business With.
  4. Support.
  5. Innovation and Automation.

The success that Thawte has had seems well grounded in a strong combination of customer satisfaction and affordable pricing. Based in the US, Entrust has been in business since 1994 and has garnered a reputation as a well-oiled machine for generating certification quickly and smoothly. The starting price for an SSL Certificate is $268 per year, although you might be able to better that with a longer term deal. You can add Wildcard SANs, with pricing starting at $788 per SAN.

It can efficiently fulfill website security requirements as far as your site security is concerned. Other benefits that come with Comodo are that they offer unlimited chat support and a hefty warranty amount for their SSL certificates. These certificates can be installed on an unlimited number of servers with no added cost, and reissued during their term without replacement fees. Entrust Datacard’s roots can be traced back to 1969 when Datacard Group was founded and entered the credit card printing industry. In 2013, Datacard acquired Entrust, an identity management enterprise that has been around since 1994 and offers a wide range of online security products and services. SSL certificates represent a significant part of Entrust’s business.

It’s best to check GoGetSSL’s website or ask its support beforehand for a time estimate. That said, GoGetSSL also resells pluralsight web-dev-starter certificates signed by other brands. This covers SSL by companies like Sectigo, Symantec, Thawte, GeoTrust, and RapidSSL.

Pricing is more competitive at the higher end, so those wanting a single site certificate might want to avoid GeoTrust, but those needing EV or OV level products should take a look. As a highly affordable provider of SSL services, Comodo SSL has made some significant headway in the past few years. Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you.

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